3 Ways To Use the Balanse NYC Hair Treatment Spray

Hair loss

A lot of women can relate to the struggle of hair loss because we like to experiment with it so much. We love our hair and don’t want to lose it! The Hair Treatment Spray prevents excessive hair loss  by stimulating hair growth with its natural properties. Your scalp will absorb all the nutrients the spray contains, and make the new growing hair stronger. 

Boost shine 

It might be on a daily basis that you crave that shiny hair you see in magazines, and this spray can definitely help you achieve that look. You can even use it after a blow dry, or straightening your hair, to get that shiny look that makes your job look like a salon quality one. While you get that shine, you also get nutrients for your hair… how convenient! 

Hair strength 

Sometimes your hair suffers from different things you do to it. Whether it be from heat, coloring, or lack of nutrients, your hair needs to be strong to stay healthy. The nutrients in the hair treatment spray makes sure your hair has the strength to endure all these processes. Apply it evenly to all your hair to make it stronger, even treating those split ends.