5 Common Skincare Mistakes

You’re sleeping with makeup on 

Never ever go to bed with your makeup! Makeup can clog your pores overnight, making you more prone to having blemishes. Leaving your makeup on also promotes aging aka wrinkles. 

You’re not exfoliating of exfoliating too much

Exfoliating is good for your skin in a limited amount. It helps give that extra cleanse that your face needs from time to time. Exfoliating too much is not recommended. The scrubs may damage the outer layer of your skin. 

Not checking the ingredients of your products 

Skin reacts differently to products depending on things like sensitivity. Make sure you take note what your skiing reacts best to and what you should avoid. Organic products are usually safer and less likely to cause a reaction on your skin.

Not taking your makeup off before working out 

Let’s be real, sweat and makeup don’t mix well… no one wants mascara inside their eyes! When you are exercising, your pores are opening up. If you keep your makeup on, it goes right into your pores, and can clog them. 

You use too much face wipes 

Makeup removing wipes can be rough on your skin. The rough movement of taking off your makeup with a wipe damages the upper layer, and again conducts premature aging. Fortunately, there are a lot of alternative ways to take off your makeup that won’t hurt your skin.