How To Protect Your Curly Hair

Avoid heat on those curls 

Air drying is always the better option, especially for those curls! Too much heat leads to breakage in the hair. I know, I know, some of you need your tools, but try to invest in quality ones, and always remember heat protection products! 

Conditioner is key

Choose your conditioner based on your need. If you need moisture, anti-frizz, or growth support, choose what’s best for your hair. Remember to distribute the conditioner evenly, even if it means using a comb in the shower.

Styling products right out of the shower

Applying your products when your hair is wet helps to better absorb whatever you are using. If you are using the Balanse Hair Treatment Spray, it will promote hair growth and help those roots keep strong. As an added bonus, your hair will look shiny. 

Avoid too much shampoo

Curly hair can sometimes be dryer than other types of hair, this is why, as mentioned above, conditioner is key to keeping it in check. Using too much shampoo can make you hair extra dry, so try to go easy on it!