Why Soy Wax is Better Than Paraffin Wax

Our Soy Scent candle collection is made from soy wax rather than the paraffin candle wax. 

Here are three reasons why this wax is better.

Natural ingredients

When a regular candle burns, chemicals are released into the air because of the components of the wax, one being petroleum oil. Soy wax, on the other hand, is made from soybeans that are harvested and cleaned after. This means that there are no artificial ingredients in the wax that you burn. 

Safe to use on your skin

If you go to @BalanseNYC on social media, you will see a demonstration on how our Soy Scent candles can be used to moisturize the skin. Because the wax is completely natural, there are elements in it that are safe on our skin. It is perfect to use for a massage. 

The wax lasts longer 

Do you ever avoid lighting a candle because you don’t want it to run out? Well, with soy wax the candle lasts longer because the wax burns less. You will see when you light up a Soy Scent candle that it takes time to create a pool of wax. How convenient is it that once it does form you can use it on your skin?!